An Online ESOL Pronunciation Resource

Hi tutors,

I am back from vacation and trying to catch up on the blog posts.  While I was away I received an email from a great ESOL tutor in Cullman, Sylvia Stella, with an interesting  resource that your students can use for help with pronunciation.  It is called Clear Talk Mastery and provides a way to sign up for “pronunciation tips” via email.  The author of this website is Dr. Antonia Johnson.  She is a speech pathologist by education, but works with ELLs who ask for help with accent reduction.  Her YouTube videos are very clear and easy to follow.  Here is the link to that website:  If you go to the “Speech Tips” tab and scroll to the bottom of the page, you can sign up for the tips by email.  Dr. Johnson does have courses in accent reduction for a fee, but the website has a good bit of free information for tutors and learners alike.

Thanks, Sylvia Stella, for this contribution to the blog!  Sylvia has been a wealth of information for fellow ESOL tutors…I will be sharing more of her finds in the days to come.

Happy Monday, lder

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