The Junior Board of The Literacy Council (TLC) is a group of young professionals, between the ages of 23 and 40, who share TLC’s mission to improve the lives of adults and their families through literacy education that teaches people to read, write, and speak English. The Junior Board supports TLC by helping to raise awareness and developing fundraising opportunities – including their signature event, Kickin’ Chicken Wing Fest – to support the agency’s programs and literacy initiatives. They serve as an ambassador for literacy in their workplace and in other organizations of which they are members, and within the community, and represent TLC at events in the community.

We are currently accepting applications through February 19, 2019. New members will be installed at the March 2019 Junior Board meeting. For more information or to apply, contact Missy Burchart – mburchart@literacy-council.org, 205-326-1925.

2019 Junior Board

Holly Blalock (President)

Rob Dominguez (Vice-President)

Sylvia Peral (Secretary)

Garrett Becker

Shelton Bowens

Anna Carroll

Kendra Carter

Jarvis Escott

Sarah Hale

Ariel Hughes

Morgan Jackson

Alyssa Jewell

Kathryn Louis

Lauren Moffitt

Laura Ogubie

Kylee Riggins

Mary Jane Rodriguez

Caitlin Rogers

Margaret Whiteside

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