We know we can’t be with you face-to-face, but that won’t stop us from learning!

Below are links to lessons to KEEP LEARNING!


Webster’s Word Games – Lots of fun word games to help you with vocabulary. Choose from the Weekly Challenge, Word of the Day, and Word History.

Vocabulary Builder – The website Free Rice helps you work on your vocabulary and raise money for World Food Programme, who use it to save and change lives.

Learn to Type – Work on your typing skills with these easy exercises. Lessons are free but do require that you sign up.

ReadWorks – Free content, curriculum, and tools to power remote learning resources for families.

Libby Mobile App – Looking for something to read? Let Libby help. Download the app for access to thousands of ebooks and audiobooks through your local library. You can borrow them, instantly, for free, using your mobile device.

tv411 – Video lessons on reading, writing, vocabulary, math, science, and finance. Also available in Spanish.

LINCS Learning Center /Health – Reach your health goals with lessons about cooking, grocery shopping, and information about COVID-19.

LINCS Learning Center /Job Skills – Work on your job skills and learn about different jobs and ways to find jobs.

Alabama Public Television – Resources for adult learners including GED and job skills.

TedEd – Video lessons for all ages and a wide variety of topics.

CSAL – Easier, medium, or harder. You pick the level of reading. And there are subjects to choose from – health, fiction, non-fiction, history, and jobs & work.

National Emergency Library – At the top of the page in the black bar you can choose BOOKS to borrow by downloading. There are also video and audio filed you can access. You have to login, but the login is free.

Marshall Adult Education – Reading classes that include including civics, employment, housing, health, and money.