Fun Friday

Hi, tutors!

                I’d like to leave you this week with an interesting website that can be a bit wacky in its explanations of points of grammar.  Mignon Fogarty, aka “Grammar Girl,” has developed a website aptly named  Grammar topics range from when to use “that” vs. “which” in a sentence, to an extended discussion of why there are spaces between words when writing.  Explanations of grammar points are both written and spoken…and usually amusing.  A recent post in honor of the new prince of England, George Alexander Louis, provided a very interesting story on the use of the royal “we.”  Check out !

Have a great weekend! lder

PS:  Having issues with a dog that barks like a crazy animal whenever someone comes to the door?  Click on the “Pets” tab on the quickanddirty home page!  And a click on the “Tech” tab will help you find someone on Twitter.  A wealth of information!!

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