A small act of encouragement can change a life.

Those words, spoken by literacy advocate Liz Huntley, are so true. We have the good fortune to see the power of encouragement every single day at The Literacy Council as our amazing volunteer tutors work with diligently with their students to help them achieve their goals.

We also have the good fortune to have Liz Huntley as one of our friends and supporters in our mission. Liz is not only a successful attorney in Birmingham; she is also a tireless advocate for literacy around our state. Her passion is for children because she understands that early literacy skills are vital for success later in life. Her support and dedication to Alabama’s Pre-K Initiative have resulted in legislation creating one of the most comprehensive public preschool programs in the country.

Her fearless leadership for early education inspired long-time Literacy Council patrons Kathryn and Raymond Harbert to fund the Liz Huntley Word Lab and Reading Workshop in the newly renovated Literacy Council Center for Life-Long Learning. Every day, our learners can sit underneath Liz’s name and be inspired by a woman who had dedicated her life to making the lives of others better.

Liz’s passion for her cause led her to be a headliner at the recent Ted. To fully understand the root of her passion, you must know her story. Click on the link below. I promise you will be inspired.

BE A GAME CHANGER – Liz Huntley, TEDxBirmingham 2015

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