Awesome Mini-Videos for Basic Literacy Tutors!

Hi, Tutors!

We are back in our “new” old home at 2301 1st Avenue North!  The boxes are unpacked—mostly—and our offices are settled—mostly—and things are getting back to normal.  Just as I was thinking of a good post to get me back on track with this blog, ProLiteracy shared some new things going on in the adult literacy world.  Among those is a link to a wonderful site at the San Jose Public Library.  Their Partners in Reading program has produced a series of short videos—some no more than 2+ minutes, the longest just over 12 minutes long—that cover a whole range of ideas for reading tutors.  They are great “reboot” videos for those of us who feel we need to brush up a bit.

Check them out here:

When you watch the one on phonemic awareness—phoneme categorization, see what they do with two Styrofoam cups!  Very clever!!

Happy New Year…and Happy Hump Day!


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