ESOL Educators Conference 2014 – Keynote by Dr. Rebecca Oxford

Hi, tutors!

I am happy to say we had another great ESOL educators conference on October 24th.  I know it is hard for  some to get to a weekday conference, so I will be sharing portions of it over the next few weeks.

We were very privileged to have Dr. Rebecca L. Oxford with us to speak on “The Language of Peace:  How it Relates to Teaching ESL.”  Dr. Oxford’s work sheds light on peaceful versus destructive ways we use words, body language, and the language of visual images.  She is particularly interested in narrative research in,  a) how learners and teachers experience–and foster–collaboration and peace, b) how individuals learn languages in diverse sociocultural contexts, and c) how existential well-being and positive psychology influence education.  To give you and idea of how special it was to have Dr. Oxford speak at our conference, she is right now in Istanbul presenting on the very same theme!

I have attached Dr. Oxford’s Power Point presentation for you here:

1 LangofPeaceUpdatedOct23.2014

Enjoy!  lder

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