Keep It Simple with “Plain English”

Hi tutors!

I know it’s been awhile since the last post, but I think most of you are now aware that we have been dealing with the aftermath of the fire in our building on May 22nd.  We are in temporary quarters now and finally settling in.

TLC is a member of the Alabama Health Literacy Coalition, which led me to do some research on how to write for low-literate or non-English speaking adults.  I came across a great website–I Heart Health Literacy that offers suggestions for “plain” English for the health care field.  The website below offers an archive of their emails that you will find interesting…and just sensible.  If you are in health care, or know someone who is, check out this website.

And even if you aren’t in health care, I bet you can think of some other places where plain-speak would be helpful! 

If you are in Birmingham, come by and see us at our temporary home at 2218 2nd Avenue, North!  lder

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