Meet Betty Azar

Hi, Tutors!

I know it has been awhile since I’ve posted.  We had three crazy weeks with the TLC ESOL Educators Conference, a trip to D.C. where four us attended the U.S. Conference on Adult Education, and then back to hold our Summit on Literacy!  Whew!

And speaking of conferences, I received the brochure for the 2014 TESOL International Conference to be held in Portland Oregon.  While looking over the offerings, I noticed that Betty Azar will be the speaker at one of the “Invited Speaker Sessions.”  I haven’t mentioned her on this blog yet, but she is someone you should get to know.  Her website,, is a mine of information that helps tutors teach the often times bewildering world of English grammar to our ELLs:  Take a look…lots of free classroom materials, a teacher’s talk blog, and teacher’s guides.  And be sure to check out Betty’s “Talking Heads”!

And Basic Literacy tutors…I know you will find things to use with your new readers, too!  I must admit, I take grammar for granted and am sometimes hard pressed to verbalize an explanation for certain constructions.  Betty Azar does it all!

Happy Friday…have a great week-end!  lder

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