Fall 2013 “Notebook” from ProLiteracy is now Online

Hi, Tutors:

The Fall 2013 edition of Notebook from ProLiteracy is now available as an online .pdf.  Here is the link:  http://www.proliteracy.org/Downloads/PL_Pub_Notebook_Fall_2013_web.pdf .  One of the downfalls of this kind of resource is that the links they suggest are not “hot” in the text, so you have to plug them in to your browser yourself.  Another frustration is some of the links are no longer active…kind of frustrating if one sounds especially helpful.  But there are many others that do work, and Notebook itself has some good ideas that you may want to look at for working with your basic literacy or ESOL learner.  There is a page called “Roles & Goals” that might help your learner focus on achievable goals, and help you keep track of his/her progress.

Have a great week-end!  lder

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