Take the Literacy Week Challenges–Today is the GED Test Challenge!

Hi tutors, September 23 – 29 is National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week.  And everyday this week World Education, Inc. is offering a different Literacy Challenge.  Today’s is on the “new GED test.”  If you haven’t heard by now, January 2014 will usher in not only a new year, but a new GED test.  It will more expensive to take, it will be completely computer-based, and it will be HARDER!  What do you know about the GED…and do you think you could pass it?  Check out the GED and other literacy quizzes here:  http://www.worlded.org/WEIInternet/pressroom/displaypressrelease.cfm?AnnounceID=11544

Good luck!  lder

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