“Reading” Art

Hi tutors!

As we discuss in tutor training, adult learners come to us with a lifetime of background knowledge and prior experience, and it is the tutor’s task to help them make the connection between what they already know and the words they encounter on the page.  Along the same line, Program Coordinator Adrienne Marshall has an exciting event planned this Thursday, August 22, at the Birmingham Museum of Art.  Tutors and learners will learn to use “visual thinking strategies (VTS)” to engage with and appreciate the visual arts.  (VTS was developed by art educators at the Museum of Modern Art.)

While thinking about the upcoming visit to the BMA, I came across an interesting video on TV411 (I have mentioned before what a great resource TV411 is for tutors and learners), that talks about “reading art.” 

http://www.tv411.org/reading/understanding-what-you-read/video-reading-art .  Take a look…does it sound anything like comprehension strategies we use with our adult learners? 

 If you would like to learn more about the visit to the Birmingham Museum of Art, contact Adrienne at amarshall@literacy-council.org

 Hope to see you there!  lder

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