“Dissecting” Words

I came across a Power Point this morning that outlined a word attach strategy you might share with learners who become flummoxed over multi-syllable words. The presentation was given by Dr. Joseph Torgeson, director emeritus of the Florida Center for Reading Research. In it he outlines a word identification strategy called “DISSECT”:

  • Discover the context
  • Isolate the prefix
  • Separate the suffix
  • Say the stem
  • Examine the stem
  • Check with someone
  • Try the dictionary

Another tool for your tutor toolkit!

This came from Dr. Torgesen’s talk: Using Science and Common Sense to Teach all Adults to Read (Adults with Disabilities Symposium, March, 2004).  You can access the whole PPt here:  http://www.fcrr.org/science/powerpoint/torgesen/adult_literacy_palm_coast.ppt

Hope you’re having a good Thursday!  lder

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